showing you what's good in minneapolis


earlier this evening, i happened to be scanning and saw an article titled “you wish your neighborhood was this cool”.  with all articles of this nature, the first thing i do is find out where minneapolis ranks.  i can’t seem to help myself.  i just want to know if the u.s. has started drinking the kool-aid that i’ve been addicted too for 4 years: extra-sweet minneapolis punch!

now, while i give many kudos to the fact that minneapolis was featured alongside new york city, boston, austin, and 4 others, i did cringe when i saw that scope featured on what minneapolis had to offer was sooooo narrow.  given that the spot was sponsored by buick, i get that the targeted demographic for this feature is somewhere in the 35-50 age bracket but come on, nye’s… really… nye’s as a destination for great music in minneapolis [eye roll].

after viewing this lukewarm portrayal of minneapolis, i decided to hit the blogosphere to see who was showcasing what i believe minneapolis is truly about: education, culture, citizenship, and (a weird one) comfort.  i say comfort because us minneapolitans are very comfortable in who we are and once you open yourself up to understanding our mindset, i can guarantee you’ll feel right at home.  nonetheless, there is clearly a need for a fresh interpretation on this mindset and all that minneapolis has to offer.  so here i am… throwing myself into the blogosphere yelling out “minneapolis is uber-cool” and there are about 10,000 reasons why!

links | you wish your neighborhood was this cool


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