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mplsfavorite restaurant: d’amico kitchen

the dreaded first post… it’s very similar to the dreaded first sentence of a 10 page paper due the next morning.  it will essentially set the tone for whether it’s going to be a grueling all-nighter where i’m missing a micro patch of hair from my incessant hair twirling or if i’ll be able to meet up with my friends for last call.  after minutes upon minutes of deciding between two worthy entries, i’ve decided to go with “what would i miss to the point of agony if i choose to move away from minneapolis” (which is equal to moving out of the state of minnesota).  the winner is… d’amico kitchen.

now i consider myself a foodie to the point that i love virtually all types of food and i can tell when food has been prepared the correct way.  however, i very little culinary knowledge.  i just focus on what tastes good.  food is an obsession of mine meaning that when i find something that is beyond delicious, i obsess to an unnatural degree.  on a recent trip to vegas, i found the most delicious breakfast sandwich and proceeded to have it about 2 times per day… it was that good!  being introduce to d’amico cucina (now d’amico kitchen) back in 2001 was equivalent to the most orgasmic food experience one could possible have  and all i wanted was more.  i can still to this very moment taste every one of the 3 vastly different dishes and 2 desserts i had that night.

since that blessed day, i have unfortunately only been to cucina/kitchen half a dozen times for special occassions as it is truly a special occassion type of place.  minnepolis white collars and cougars are there staples and often you’ll find the dressed to impress late 20/early 30 something crowd but nonetheless everyone is there for amazing food and great conversation with friends and staff.  yes, the staff and service is SPECTACULAR!  The scene is trendy as it’s located in the chambers hotel which is one of minneapolis’ upscale hotels.  there’s a pretty loud jazz band downstairs on weekends so i would recommend sitting on the top floor instead of the more intimate basement setting.

i recommend trying one of every entree type on the menu with a large group.  you simply cannot go wrong.  i’ve been with a significant other and a group of 10 girlfriends and not one person has left unsatisfied.  again, it’s not a place where you can wince at price as everything the staff suggests is sublime.  Items I am currently drooling over are the mussels, butternut squash pizza, and lobster gnocci.  i hear that there wine menu is bananas but wine isn’t my thing.

links | d’amico kitchen


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